WordPress: how to edit php files from admin panel?

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If you are newer in WordPress and need to change some php files from admin panel and do not use your server admin panel or ftp, this article would help you.

How to edit php files of your theme in admin panel WordPress

To do this, you need to go to ‘Appearance’ and choose its subcategory ‘Theme editor’ in the left menu.

At the top of your right menu there is the ability to choose the theme you are going to edit (if you have several of them), select the theme you are currently using and press select. Your theme is automatically chosen by default.

Below are the list of the theme files you can edit: php and css. Select the one you need and make your necessary changes and press ‘Update File’. N.B. Do not forget to create copy of the original file to have the ability to restore it if some problems with new changes happened.

How to edit php files of your installed plugins in admin panel WordPress

If you decided to upgrade plugins that you have installed you can edit it also from admin panel.

In the left panel find ‘Plugins’ and choose its subcategory ‘Plugin Editor’. At the next screen at the top of right menu choose the plugin name you want to change, select its file and make changes to it. Do not forget to make a copy of the original file to have the ability to restore it.

Hope this post helped you and now you know how to edit theme or plugins files from admin panel in WordPress.

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