“Wizard’s hat” analysis

Tove Jansson Analysis

“Wizard’s hat” analysis of the work will help prepare for the lesson and learn more about the main characters of the tale.

“Wizard’s hat” Tove Jansson analysis

The author is Tove Jansson

Year of writing – 1948

Genre is a fantastic fantasy novel

Topic: An image of the life of the Mummy Trolls after they found the Wizard’s hat.

Idea: friendship and mutual help, warm and sincere relationships, family warmth and understanding – the basis of happiness

“The Wizard’s Hat” is the main characters

Mummy is the father of Mummy the troll. He was born because of the unusual location of the stars. In his youth he traveled a lot, he built himself a Mummy house. He is also the most famous writer in the Mumbai Valley and the surrounding area.

Mummy – Mom is the best mom in the world! Always ready to take your beloved son’s friends, feed them, lure them and put them to bed …

Mumi is a troll – the son of Mumi-mom and Mumi-dad, touching, kind and responsive …

Sniff is not indifferent to everything bright and sweet…

Snusmumrick is a tireless adventurer. He likes to smoke a pipe and play the harmonica. Does not like forbidding plates. He spends every summer in the Moomin Valley, and in the fall goes to distant lands.

Freken Snork, Sister Snork, is the owner of a silky bangs and a gold bracelet on her foot. Likes to decorate and spin in front of a mirror.

Snork is similar to the Moomin Troll but changes color due to mood. He likes to hold meetings, a very serious guy …

The “magician’s hat” plot

The plot is based on a fantastic event – finding friends (Mummy-Troll, Chmikh and Nyumumririk) a black hat that belonged to the Wizard. The hat of the masses is a magical property to change the shape of objects, which is surprised to see the whole family of mummies and everyone who comes to their home. The little Mummy-troll who wore a hat on his head changed so much that even his closest friends didn’t recognize it. But his Mom cannot be misled by any miracles. She always recognizes her son.

The events take place in the Valley of the Moomin Trolls. The Mummy-Troll, his Mom and Dad are reminiscent of the hilarious hippos, but they aren’t really them. Crunches (Crunches and Crunches) are able to change their color from excitement. In the house of mummy trolls always friendly and fun, it smells of pancakes with raspberry jam, nobody teaches anyone, everyone is attentive to each other. In a fairytale house lives a love that is not spoken about, but which is felt in every good word and deed for the sake of others. If someone is sad or someone is in trouble, mummy trolls and their friends solve the problem together, but at the same time, they do not violate everyone’s right to privacy without requiring unnecessary explanation.

The work affirms an image of a home that everyone would like to have – warm, cozy, friendly, cheerful. The family relationships that exist between the mummy trolls affirm the values ​​that everyone needs: respect for a Mom who loves everyone and cares for everyone; the authority of the Pope, whose word is law for children; freedom and the right of children to their interests and at the same time their responsibility for everything that happens in the family.

The story ends with a cheerful feast to commemorate Mom’s purse, bright fireworks and magic of the Wizard. Mom and Mummy-troll return to their home …

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