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Galaxy Fight Club Polkastarter Answers Whitelists

Polkastarter starts the new whitelist of the project Galaxy Fight Club ($GCOIN token).

Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) is the first cross-IP, cross-platform (PC & Mobile) PvP fighting game, where holders of different NFT collections can battle with each other to both win and earn rewards through play-to-earn mechanics. It has a fast-paced MOBA gameplay that is mobile-native and similar to Brawl Stars. Each 3v3 match is around 5 minutes long and the team that gets 20 kills first wins the match.

You should submitt the whitelist form on https://whitelist.galaxyfightclub.com/. IDO Date – December 9th 2021, 1:00 PM UTC

Here I collect answers for questions from the form:

Which plattform will the game be released on first (Galaxy Fight Club)?

  1. Mobile
  2. Xbox
  3. PlayStation

Answer: Mobile

What genre is the GalaxyFightClub game?

  1. RPG
  2. Shooter
  3. Moba

Answer: Moba

What’s the key unique feature of GalaxyFightClub?

  1. Play to Earn
  2. First Cross-IP NFT game
  3. Unique leveling system

Answer: First Cross-IP NFT game

Hope I’ve helped you friend 😉

P.s. If you want to find answers by your own here the official info of Galaxy Fight Club: whitepaper

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