Whitelist CyberTrade at Polkastarter – Answers

Whitelist CyberTrade at Polkastarter Answers Whitelists

Polkastarter starts the new whitelist of the project CyberTrade ($CCASH token).

You should submitt the whitelist form on https://whitelist.cybertrade.game/,

Applications close on January 7th 2022, 3:00 PM UTC

Here I collect my answers for questions from the form:

Where was the first CyberTrade NFT sale?

  1. Binance NFT market
  2. OKEx NFT market
  3. QORPO market

Answer: Binance NFT market

In what year does the story of CyberTrade take place?

  1. 2056
  2. 2203
  3. 2101

Answer: 2101

What kind of Syndicates are there in CyberTrade?

  1. HackHunters, Korpo, Midnight
  2. Beasts, Locos, Monsters

Answer: HackHunters, Korpo, Midnight

Hope I’ve helped you friend 😉

P.s. If you want to find answers by your own here the official info of CyberTrade: website

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