Where to add ads.txt file in WordPress

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Hope You’ve already created ads.txt file and add there all information that Your advertisers asked (Google AdSense and others if any). If not just create an empty file in testEditor on Your device and paste there the given info and save the file as ads.txt.

Where to add ads.txt file in WordPress

If such question appeared I surpose You’d like to add it manually. So You should find FileManager icon in Your hosting and click on it.

Then go inside till You reach root directory of Your blog/site: usually it has the following view yoursitename/www(or public_html)/youarehere. Tick for You: in this directory You’ll see directories like wp-admin, wp-content etc. See the featured image of this post – it is the directory You need to put the file.

Now find in FileManager panel the button upload. Click on it, select the ads.txt file from your device and upload the file. It should appear there.

We have done! )

Now check the link: yoursitename/ads.txt

If You get info from the file, my congratulations! If not, and you receive 404 error:

  • check the rights for the file ads.txt;
  • presence of the file in file-manager.

Also you can add ads.txt file via FTP or add plugin from admin panel.

Hope I’ve helped You, if not feel free to write me in comments!

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