What is the need to disable comments in posts WordPress 5 and higher

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Due to complicity of CMS WordPress there are unnecessary features that are not used for bloggers and are wished to get rid of them. But what is the purpose of disabling comments is written below.

Why to disable comments in post?

When bloggers decide to disable comments they want to achieve the following goals:

  1. To decrease the load to the hosting, as in case of comments disabling we reduce the requests amount. This load is not seen if your site has less than 10 000 unique visitors for info blog with the average hosting price. But if you become a popular blogger you should optimize everything to have good page speed rank and not to pay overprice to hostinger.
  2. To stop spam attack. A lot of SEO is constantly searching for blogs where it is possible to leave the comment with ability to set their  own link, as it helps to promote those sites for search engines. So if your blog got to the site list of that SEO, you’d get lots of spam.
  3. To stop haters and save some time. If you post some rules that are obvious and there is nothing to add to this, it is normal to disable comments not to waste time in future for deleting the comments.
  4. Other reasons. Write in comments yours.

If you still have reason to disable comments in your blog and don’t know how to do this read the following article: How to disable comments in post WordPress 5 and higher

Do you have any questions to this topic? Feel free to write them in comment and try to solve them together!

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