“The Museum of Fine Arts” analysis

Whisten Oden Analysis

An analysis of poetry at the Museum of Fine Arts will help determine what theme, idea, genre,

“The Museum of Fine Arts” analysis

Author: Whisten Oden (Anglo-American Literature)

Genre: poem

Literary genus: lyrics

Type of lyrics: philosophical

Writing history: The poem was written in December 1938. in Brussels, Belgium. First published under the name “Palace of Fine Arts” (“Palais des beaux arts”) in the spring of 1939 in the magazine “New Writing”. The creation of the author’s work was inspired by the painting “The Fall of Icarus” by Flemish artist Peter Bruegel.

Topic: A description of human suffering and tragedy that contrasts with the safe and measured lives of others.

The idea is to magnify painting, including the works of old masters, to condemn human apathy.

Main Thought: Indifference destroys the soul, but it can be destroyed by delving into the world of art and beauty.

“In the Museum of Fine Arts” artistic means:
epithets (ancient grandfathers, terrible torments, dog life, exquisite craft);
metaphors (flours occur, someone’s feet go green);
inversion (they knew the human suffering well; they distinguished helplessly, the mare of the cat, the hooks were on the hook);
rhetorical exclamation (It is wonderful – boy fell from heaven!);

Features of the composition: the work can be divided into 2 parts: the first describes the scenes of martyrdom, the second – the death of Icarus.

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