Sonnet 267 Francesco Petrarch analysis

Francesco Petrarch Analysis

Sonnets 267 analysis

Author – Francesco Petrarch
Genre – sonnet
The theme is the beauty and nobility of the earthly woman
The idea – love – is the meaning of life
Artistic means: anaphor, metaphor, epithet

Sonnet 267 Francesco Petrarch text in English

Ah me, the beautiful face, ah me, the gentle look,
ah me, the graceful noble manner of her:
ah me, the speech that made every harsh
and bitter mind humble, and every coward brave!

And, ah me, the sweet smile, from which the arrow
of death, the only good I hope for now, issued:
regal soul, worthiest to reign,
if only you had not descended so late among us!

It is fitting that I burn for you, and breathe for you,
since I am yours: and if I am parted from you,
I suffer less from all my other grief.

You filled me with hope and with desire,
when I departed, living, from the highest delight:
but the wind did not carry my words to you.

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