Robert Sheckley short biography

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Robert Sheckley short biography

Robert Sheckley was born on July 16, 1928 in New York. The childhood future writer spent in the town of Maplewood, New Jersey.

After leaving school he studied at New York University, specializing in the humanities. He served as a clerk in the army in Korea. He returned to the United States due to a conflict with his superiors. For some time he worked in a steel plant.

Since the beginning of the 50s Sheckley started writing the first stories, most of which were published in «Galaxy» magazine.

During his life, Robert Sheckley wrote 20 novels and over 400 short stories and novels, collections of copyright are 13 in number. His works (more than 65 books) have been translated into many languages.

In the 70s the writer traveled, sailed, was the editor of «Omni» magazine.

In 1991, Robert Sheckley was marked by the award Daniel F. Gallun for his contribution to the genre of science fiction. In 1998 in St. Petersburg, he was awarded the prize “The Wanderer” for his contribution in the field of humor and science fiction.

Sheckley was married five times. He has a sister Joan Klein; Jason son from his first marriage; daughter Alice Kvitney from the second; daughter Anna and son Jed third; and three grandchildren. In the last period of the life of Robert Sheckley he was married to writer Gail Dana and lived in Portland.

In the spring of 2005 during a visit to Ukraine on literary convention “Portal” Sheckley health rapidly deteriorated and he was hospitalized.

Robert Sheckley died on December 9, 2005 in the Poughkeepsie Hospital, New York from complications of a brain aneurysm, two weeks after non successful operation.

Among his work, in addition to the stories, the most famous novels «Immortality Inc.», 1958, «The Status Civilization», 1960 and «Journey Beyond Tomorrow »,  1962, the story « MindSwap »,«Dimension Of miracles » and « A Ticket to Tranai ». Together with Roger Zelazny they wrote a series of three books, «Bring Me The Head Of Prince Charming», «If At Faust You Do not Succeed» and «A Farce To Be Reckoned With».

He wrote three humorous detective novel about a private detective Bob Drakoniane « The Alternative Detective », « Draconian New York » and « Soma Blues ».

Robert Sheckley also worked on the screenplay for computer game «Netrunner».

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