Paul Bowles short biography

Short biography

Paul Bowles short biography of the American writer is described in this article.

Paul Bowles short biography

Paul Frederic Bowles was born on December 30, 1910 in New York, USA in a family with a fairly conservative views.

In early 1928 Bowles made his debut in the literature story “Waterfall.”
At eighteen Bowles left America, traveled to Europe, North Africa, Mexico and Central America. Upon returning home, he began to study music.

In 1931, he firstly went to Tangier (north of Morocco). The city and the people made an indelible impression on the writer. Bowles returned to America and wrote music for theater and chamber orchestras, as well as was publishing critical articles about theater performances.

In 1938, Paul Bowles and Jane Auer married but lived together only a year and a half, and then divorced. A few future Bowles novels of Morocco and Algeria in some scenes reflected his relationship with Jane.

In 1943, Jane publishes her first novel, which was perceived by critics rather ambiguous. After the Second World War, Jane was working on her second novel, and Paul went to Tangier (1947). In 1948, Jane returned to her husband. Bowles in Tangier created his most famous work – the novel “The Sheltering Sky” (1949), which was filmed in 1990. The book “The Sheltering Sky” was named among the hundred best novels of the XX century by “Time” magazine experts.

In 1957, Jane was seriously ill. She was suffering from alcohol and drug addiction, sometimes it happened seizures. Paul took care of the patient, Jane, but in 1973 she died in Malaga. At this time, Paul wrote a number of short stories and novels: House spider (novel) (1955), Midnight Mass, etc..

Later he translated into English a biography of Muhammad Shukri, the works of the Swiss writer Isabelle Eberhardt and Guatemalan writer Rodrigo Rey Rosa.

Paul Bowles died on November 18, 1999 at the 88-th year of life in Tangier. He was buried in New York.

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