“Old Man and the Sea” all characters description

Old Man and the Sea Character

The Old and the Sea characterization of the main characters from Hemingway’s work will help prepare for the lesson. “Old and Sea” characteristics of the images are summarized below.

“Old Man and the Sea” characterization of heroes

“Old and Sea” characteristic of Santiago

The main character of the story. According to the author, this is a fictional character, but many critics believe that this character has a real prototype – a certain Gregorio Fuentes, who worked for a long time as a captain on a writer’s yacht.

Santiago is an experienced Cuban fisherman living in a village by the sea. The man is already very old, “thin and exhausted.” On his head there are deep wrinkles, and from the long stay in the sun cheeks and neck of the old man covered with brown spots. More >>>

“Old man and the sea” characteristic of Manolino boy

A poor rural boy named Manolino is one of the main characters in the story. He is a successor to his teacher Santiago, a symbol that the skill of the old fisherman was not destined to be wasted. Manolino is very kind and responsive. A boy with great tenderness and affection for Santiago, who taught him everything he now knows about fishing. More >>>


The owner of the restaurant often helped the old man and the boy with food.

Negro from Cienfuegos

He was considered the strongest man in the port. One day, when he was old, when he was young, he fought in the bar all day long to find out which of them was stronger. Eventually, Santiago was stronger and pressed a black man’s hand to the table.


One of the fishermen familiar with old Santiago

The “old man and the sea” characterization of the image of Santiago and the boy can be supplemented with quotations from the work, since in this way the inner world of the hero and his features will be confirmed by facts.

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