Launchpool DEVT at Bybit – Answers

Launchpool DEVT at Bybit - Answers Launchpool

Bybit starts Launchpool of the project Decentralized Eternal Virtual Traveller ($DEVT token).

DEVT is the governance token of DeHorizon Metaverse, a gaming ecosystem that aims to create a virtual carnival open to metaverse inhabitants across multiple chains.

If You wont to get a part of 10 000 DEVT for free, You should “Watch the tutorial video and answer all five questions correctly to win DEVT for FREE”.

If You are not registered at Bybit, here the link to REGISTER (using this link You’ll get bonus $20 to Your account)

You should submitt the google form on,

Applications close on 2021-12.14 07:59 (UTC)

Here I collect answers for questions from the form:

Q: DEVT stands for Decentralized Eternal Virtual Traveller

  1. A: True
  2. B: False

Answer: A: True

Q: When did DeHorizon announce the funding round?

  1. A: 11/10/2021
  2. B: 11/11/2021
  3. C: 11/09/2021
  4. D: 11/08/2021

Answer: A: 11/10/2021

Q: How many DeVerse Numens have DeHorizon designed?

  1. A: 8
  2. B: 7
  3. C: 6
  4. D: 5

Answer: D: 5

Q: So far, how many NFT sales events have DeHorizon organised on Binance?

  1. A: 1
  2. B: 2
  3. C: 3
  4. D: 4

Answer: B: 2

Q: Apart from being “interoperable” what other keywords can you use to describe DeMeta pass IDs?

  1. A: Decentralized and Controllable
  2. B: Interactive and Malleable
  3. C: Editable and Evolvable
  4. D: Entertainable and Collaborative

Answer:  C: Editable and Evolvable

Hope I’ve helped you friend 😉

P.s. If you want to find answers by your own here the official video of DEVT: video

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