John Donne “To Torture Me” analysis

John Donne Analysis

John Donne’s “To Torture Me” sonnet 19 analysis of the poem – theme, idea, artistic tools may be needed in preparation for the lesson.

“To torment me” analysis of the poem

Author: John Donne

Genre – sonnet

Type of lyrics: philosophical lyrics

Topic: spiritual contradictions of man; the work tells what is the difficult path of personality to self-knowledge, to God, to eternal values.

The idea: the right of a person to hope for salvation, despite the contradictory passions in her soul, her ups and downs.

Artistic means: antithesis (day and night, merry-sad, love – neglect; fire-ice, sin-repentance)

The lyrical hero appears to the reader in all the complexity of his spiritual life, changeable and at first glance frivolous. But this is only at first glance… The lyrical hero is critical to his personality “… I am a tangle of contradictions”, antithesis (antonyms) emphasize this attitude (day-night, merry-sad, fire-ice).

The hero appeals to God, asking that feelings of fear return to him piety and bring peace of mind, salvation.

The poetry depicts the spiritual conflict of the lyric hero. This is conveyed by means of antithesis and oxymoron: he calls himself “a ball of contradictions”, because in the soul incompatible notions:

In my soul met day and night;
Cheerful just – I’m just getting sad
I sin and repent in it,
I send the love of the map and praise to her;
Fire is me and the ice, my wife and I run away…

Turning to religion does not give the hero the desired rest, he feels fear and pain.

I pray today and God of breach,
And tomorrow I will tremble with fear –
And then piety again faded away …

But in the end, he thinks that the difficult period of despair and frustration will tempt him spiritually, and will make it easier to endure life’s troubles. As we can see, the sonnet has a baroque motif of loneliness, confusion, despair, even tragedy. This work tells us what the difficult path of personality to self-knowledge, to God and eternal values ​​is.

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