How to zoom image onclick in WordPress

zooming images on click WordPress

In this post I want to explain the way of zooming the images in the post when the visitors are clicking on them. The results of such zooming you can find by clicking on the images in this article. If it is what you want  continue reading, if not continue reading as well as it is the easiest way to do this. For this we do not need to set additional plugin that may encrease the load to your hosting but we use build-in features for WordPress. All we need to make image clickable with zooming is to make two-three additional clicks while adding images to the post.

How to zoom image onclick in WordPress

As we have two text editors for WordPress I’ll explain how to enlarge image on click in modern text editor and in classic editor. First we’ll do this with the modern one.

How to enlarge image in modern text editor?

1. Add image to the post:

2. When you have added an image to the post, ensure that the settings are enabled:

3. Click on the image and its setting will appear.  Find there “link to” and choose “Media File”

link to media file

4. Now we have reached the goal: by clicking on the image your blog visitors will see zoomed file. Besides this you can notice that additional settings appear for zoomed picture, here you can leave everything by default or create your own zoom appearence not to be as everyone 😉

How to enlarge image in classic text editor?

  1. Click on “Add Media”

2. Find and select the image you want to add, then find in attachment details ‘link to’ and choose ‘Media File’. And now press ‘Insert into post’ as you always do:

My congratulation, we add zooming for images by clicking using build-in features of WordPress. If you want to update your early post with with zooming just click on the image in post and add link to media file as we did at our last steps.

If you have any questions write them in comments and let’s try to solve them!

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