How to assign categories to posts in WordPress 5.0 and higher

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In this post we continue studying categories management in WordPress 5.0 and higher and find out how to re/assign category to post or make bulk actions.

Ways to assign categories to posts in WordPress 5.0 and higher

The first way is the fastest one, you can assign/reassign post category at the posting page. To get to the posting page: go to ‘Posts’ > ‘All Posts’ > choose and click on the post or  go to ‘Posts’ > ‘Add New’ (if it is the new one).

Find at the right panel block ‘Categories’ > select category/ies you want to assign the post and than click on ‘Update’ button:

How to reassign several post to other category

More often we need to reassign several posts to another categories, for this purpose it is more convenient to use bulk action, to do this make the following steps:

Go to ‘Posts’ > ‘All Posts’ > Select posts you want to reassign to another category > choose ‘Edit’ in the dropdown list and click on ‘Apply’ button > choose in the block ‘Categories’ category you need to assign these posts > click on ‘Update’ button. Below is the screen to see the navigation:

Hope that everything is clear if you still have any questions for assigning posts to categories put them in comments.

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