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In this post we will find out how to manage categories in WordPress and what steps need to be done to add categories or delete one or some categories.

How to add categories in WordPress?

There are several ways to add new category in WordPress:

The first way of adding categories in WordPress 5.0 and higher

Find in the left panel ‘Post’ and its subcategory ‘Categories’ and click on it:

This menu gives the abiliy to manage blog’s categories. Here you can add new categories for your blog, the category name is the only nessesary fild to be filled in, others are not obligatory but important for your blog SEO. So you can add category slug, description and parent category later:

It was the common case of adding categories to your blog before you start writing post. And very often when you decide to write new post there is no category that fits it. In this case you don’t need to put this post to ‘Uncategorized’ category, create in another tab new category and to rebind the post to new one.

The second way (the fastest and the easiest) of adding categories in WordPress 5.0 and higher

When you are writing new post there is the ability to add new category from the posting page. Find at the right panel block ‘Categories’ and click on ‘+ Add New Category’, give your new category name, set its Parent Category is nessesary and click on ‘Add New Category’ button. See the image below:

My conglatulations, now you know 2 ways of adding WordPress categories!

Keep moving!

How to delete categories in WordPress?

For deleting the category you need to go ‘Categories’ menu (how to reach there if you don’t know or forget read at the begining of this article). Put the mouse pointer on the category you want to delete, you’ll see navigation what can be done with this category. One of the action is ‘Delete’, click on it to wipe it out.

Sometimes we need to delete more than one categories, for this purpose there is the opportunity to delete categories all together. All you need is to select unnessesary categories, click on ‘Bulk Actions’, choose ‘Delete’ and click on ‘Apply’.

That’s all, if you still have any questions put them in comments and let’s try to solve them!

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