“Gold Plated Fish” Barbara Kosmowska Analysis


Barbara Kosmowska’s “Gold Plated Fish” analysis of the work will help to determine what theme, idea, genre of the work, its plot and problems.

Gold Plated Fish Analysis

The author is Barbara Kosmowska

Genre – novel


Alicia’s parents,
Robert is the guy who fell in love with Alicia,
Frederick is Alicia’s half-brother
Miss Lita is Alicia’s stepmother
Dortsa and Sarah are Alicia’s friends

In “Goldfish” the author raises important problems – anorexia, employment, loss of loved ones.

The main idea of ​​this work, above all, in the choice of values. The most valuable thing for each of us is life. Not material things: work, an apartment, clothes, a car, but life. Ours and our loved ones.

“Gold Plated Fish” plot

Alicia lives with her mother, who is predominantly employed, and often runs away from problems and maternal responsibility. Alicia’s parents are divorced, and her dad even remarried. Therefore, Alicia also had a stepmother, Miss Lita, and a half-brother, Frederick.

She is experiencing the divorce of her parents, the destruction of her family, conflicts with classmates. In her environment, Alicia faces anorexia and drug problems. And yet something new is born in her soul, she still does not know – first love.

On vacations, the girl visits her grandparents, who live in the village with the eight-year-old Friesuna cow, which everyone thinks is the best in the village. In the older generation, Alicia learns to love, to give warmth and to take favorite pictures. In the village, she meets Robert, a talented musician whose mother has died and her father began to abuse alcohol after the loss of his wife.

Robert and Alicia fall in love, and love makes them adults. Seeing the girl, Robert feels that this is his fate. He becomes a mature man who not only dreams but also strives for his pure feelings. Alicia also turns from a bewildered girl to a girl who is ready to overcome various life obstacles.

But soon Alicia must part with her lover. To buy dreamy violin, Robert goes to Germany to collect cucumbers.

Life gives Alicia another blow – her stepbrother Frederick became ill with an incurable disease and died some time later. These events make Alicia grow older. Alicia is facing a difficult test – the support of little Frederick and his mother, Miss Lita, whom she still did not love too much … She realizes that people are not all powerful, and even the goldfish she buys to comfort her brother will not perform miracles.

And Alicia’s friend Robert is lucky. The German employer mentally supports Robert, even helps him earn the violin, he wins the competition and goes to study in Vienna.

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“Gold Plated Fish” quote character description


Alicia was only able to “be here and there” in one very special case: when she went for a walk with old grandfather Nikon on her shoulders.
She felt that one day she would become a real photographer
The best shots Alicia framed and hung in her room
Little Alicia Granny called “Princess Balakushka”
Mom and Dad don’t understand me as well as Claudia
When I think of an empty apartment, all these Wednesdays, when moms gather a noisy society of crazy translators and writers, about dinners with Dad every Thursday, where I feel tense like a string, I just want to hide in a haystack
She hated that awful sense of helplessness and lack of the right words that were lost in the most difficult moment


Robert would rather walk with you over the lake than pick cucumbers in a foreign field
Robert must buy the instrument if he wants to study at a music lyceum
Poor guy … And his heart is good. And the talent is great, and half a life has passed for the beer. Fortunately, he didn’t buy it himself …
The kind of green she saw last year in Robert’s eyes is neither in the meadows around the village, nor in the forests that protect the spreading fields.
“It’s for me, it plays for me …”
Robert’s fingers distract from music as little as a guy’s instrument
… A dark skinny boy with a wicked smile and long hair that disobeys his collar
When he plays the violin, he hardly blinks his eyes. As if he wants to wallow in his music
Music can do anything he wants with Robert
He always smiles, though sometimes only with the corners of his mouth
He has amazingly green eyes. With light golden sparks


Frederick was a terribly active child
He is still so small … He is only five years old and everything is very simple in his world
Nothing bad could touch Frederick, because he had nothing to do with evil
You could blame him for whispering and distorting words that he likes to philosophize too much in his five years
He looked at his sister blue like the sky with his eyes …


They (Sarah and Alicia) have been friends since elementary school
Alicia’s mother wondered at the beginning of their friendship that her daughter had chosen such a candid girlfriend
Sarah did not like her mother’s violence
She looked older than she really was

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