Douglas Adams short biography


Douglas Adams was an English writer, humorist, and dramatist. Adams is best known as the author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Douglas Adams short biography

Adams was born on 11 March 1952 in Cambridge, England.

From 1959 until 1970 he went to Brentwood school in Essex, and his main interest was science. As a student in Cambridge he decided to hitch-hike through Europe to Istanbul, and in order to raise funds for this he took a lot of small jobs. In 1970 he left school to become a writer, certain that success was just around the corner. But nothing happened. He worked with the late Monty Python member Graham Chapman and John Lloyd, but hardly anything they did was published.

On February 4 1977 he met Simon Brett, who then was doing Radio 4’s ‘The Burkiss Way’. They agreed to produce a science fiction comedy show on radio. This was the birth of the Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Douglas Adams married Jane Belson on November 24 1991 and they have a daughter by the name Polly Jane, born on June 22, 1994. They lived in Islington, but in 1999 they moved to California, USA. In 1997 Douglas signed a deal with Disney to make a feature movie, and he immediately started working on the screenplay. Jay Roach, of Austin Powers fame, was signed as director.

Douglas Adams  died of a heart attack on 11 May 2001, aged 49, after resting from his regular workout at a private gym in Montecito, California.

Author of the hysterically funny series of books, summarized as “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, which also include a radio series, a TV series, stage play, record albums, computer game, graphic novels and a bath towel.

He also wrote the Dirk Gently novels and a non fiction book, “Last Chance to See”, about endangered species. Apart from being a writer, he was also a chicken shed cleaner, bodyguard for an Arab royal family and he actually at one time played guitar for Pink Floyd (42nd birthday gift from David Gilmour, an old friend).

Douglas co-founded the company The Digital Village (now h2g2), producing nearly everything that has to do with media: TV, movies, computer games etc. He was one of the creators of Starship Titanic, a combined book (co-written with Terry Jones of the Monty Python bunch) and computer game.

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