Where to add ads.txt file in WordPress
Hope You’ve already created ads.txt file and add there all information that Your advertisers asked (Google AdSense and others if any).
WordPress: how to edit php files from admin panel?
If you are newer in WordPress and need to change some php files from admin panel and do not use your server admin panel or ftp, this article would help you.
sitemap errorWordPress
Sitemap error: error on line 2 at column 6: XML declaration allowed only …
Today I faced with the problem of my sitemap.xml file appearance in WordPress blog. When I typed itfaq.info/sitemap.xml there was the following error (the
What does flag mean in htaccess file WordPress?
When we create our blogs it is more convenient to set some rule on server-side as it will save our and server time. For these issues the best way to use htaccess file.
WordPress htaccess: redirect index.html to index.php
If you need to make the redirection from index.html to index.php the best way to do this on the server-side not the client one. This solution is better