adb launch appADB
ADB launch app using package name
If you want to launch android application through android debug bridge (ADB) you need to go to the shell, type the application package name and start its ActivityName.
sitemap errorWordPress
Sitemap error: error on line 2 at column 6: XML declaration allowed only …
Today I faced with the problem of my sitemap.xml file appearance in WordPress blog. When I typed there was the following error (the
What does flag mean in htaccess file WordPress?
When we create our blogs it is more convenient to set some rule on server-side as it will save our and server time. For these issues the best way to use htaccess file.
WordPress htaccess: redirect index.html to index.php
If you need to make the redirection from index.html to index.php the best way to do this on the server-side not the client one. This solution is better
What is the need to disable comments in posts WordPress 5 and higher
Due to complicity of CMS WordPress there are unnecessary features that are not used for bloggers and are wished to get rid of them. But what is the purpose