“Baskervilles Dog” analysis


“Baskervilles Dog” analysis of a detective novel will help to prepare a literary passport of the work.

“Baskervilles Dog” analysis

Written by Arthur Conan-Doyle

Year of writing – 1901 (first publication)

Genre – story

The theme is the investigation of a crime (the mysterious death of Charles Baskerville) involving a ghost dog.

The main characters:
Sherlock Holmes is a detective.
Dr. Watson.
Henry Baskerville. Sir Charles’ heir. Victim of dog attack.
John Barrymore. Baskerville Butler. A very gloomy and mysterious type, but a kind and honest man.
Eliza Barrymore. Wife of a butler, a self-contained middle-aged lady. She is the sister of the terrible villain Selden.
Selden is a Nottinghill murderer who committed atrocities. Eliza’s brother Berrymore. He died while falling on a cliff, escaping from a Baskervill dog.
James Mortimer. A friend and doctor of Sir Charles and Sir Henry. A simple medic living in the village of Grimpen, near Baskerville Hall.
Jack Stapleton. A naturalist, a “marsh neighbor” of Baskerville. For a long time, he hid under the guise of a friend and assistant, was the main antagonist of the story. Blame for the death of Sir Charles and the attack on Sir Henry. He sank in the swamp, escaping from the chase.
Beryl Stapleton, aka Garcia. Stapleton’s wife, whom he used to give to his sister for selfish purposes.

The story in the work is on behalf of the assistant protagonist, presented in the image of Dr. Watson, who describes the events that occur and gives them their own characteristics. He admires Holmes’ unique abilities. Watson presents himself in the story as an average Englishman.

The storyline unfolds in the ancient ancestral estate of the Baskerville family, whose head dies of a heart attack triggered by the appearance of a terrifying creature – a dog that has been chasing the family for centuries.

The originality of the story is the author’s inclusion in the story of the motifs of Gothic prose in the form of an ancient family estate, located in the territory of the peat swamp, gloomy arches of rooms, hung with portraits of family members, depicted in dark tones, and the presence of the curse of the Baskerville family.

The supernatural creature is frightening in the work, all the heroes except for Sherlock Holmes are terrified. The main character relies on logic and common sense, looking for an explanation of events.

A great feature of the story is the introduction into the plot of the enemy Sherlock Holmes in the form of Mr. Stapleton, who has an extraordinary mind, able to turn the circumstances in his favor.

The culmination of the story is the confrontation between two strong characters in the person of Holmes and Stapleton. In the finale of the work wins the brilliant detective, because evil intentions lead to the completion of the calculations that end in death.

The semantic load of the story is the demonstration by the writer of the inevitability and obviousness of the triumph of truth and justice.

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