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ALGORAND coin (token ALGO) – is a self-sustaining, decentralized, blockchain-based network that supports a wide range of applications. These systems are secure, scalable and efficient, all critical properties for effective applications in the real world. Algorand will support computations that require reliable performance guarantees to create new forms of trust.

ALGORAND coin (token $ALGO)

This article contains the answers to the most popular questions that an investor meets to decide whether the altcoin deserves to be invested.

What is algo (algorand)?

Algorand is a decentralized network built to solve the blockchain trilemma of achieving speed, security, and decentralization simultaneously. Algorand uses a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, and distributes validator rewards to all holders of its native ALGO cryptocurrency.

The Algorand mainnet became live in June 2019, and was able to handle almost 1 million transactions per day as of December 2020.

Algorand ICO (initial coin offering)

Algorand ICO was held in June 19, 2019;

Algorand token sale was on Coinlist;

Algorand ico price: 1 ALGO = 2.4 USD

Token sold: 25,000,000 ALGO

Fundraising Goal: ETH

The Algorand Foundation use an auction mechanism to distribute algos to registered participants around the world who satisfy regulatory requirements. Auctions are conducted on the Algorand blockchain through a listing partner.

For the first auction, 25 million Algos will be available at a starting price of $10.00 USD and a reserve price of $0.10 USD.Participants may return their Algos back to the foundation one-year post-purchase at up to 90 percent of the value paid.

Auction supply (with up to 600 million algos auctioned per year)

Algorand private sale

No info


  • Team, Foundation & Investor: 25%
  • Public Sale: 30%
  • Node Running Grant: 25%
  • Participation Rewards: 17.5%
  • End User Grant: 2.5%

How to buy algorand?

There are many ways to buy cryptocurrency, the most accessible method is a centralized exchange. Centralized exchanges act as a third party overseeing transactions to give customers confidence that they are getting what they pay for. These exchanges typically sell crypto at market rates, and they make money on fees for various aspects of their services. There are a lot of exchanges but we recommend to use those that have high confidence, high volume trade and liquidity to have the best price for altcoin. Here some where you can buy algorand:

BINANCE (use this link and get 10% commission cashback)

HUOBI (use this link and get 15% commission cashback)

GATE (use this link and get 30% commission cashback)

Algo review

To check algo token price, graphs, market capitalization (algorand market cap), total supply, rates and other current indicators use the following sites:

coinmarketcap (algorand)

coingecko (algo)

coinbase (algorand)

Algo news

The latest algorand news from different sources are gathered here;

The news that are published on the official algo channels: twitter and reddit.

Algorand FAQs

The most popular questions about ALGO token are gathered in this block.

аlgorand block explorer

Algorand Blockchain Explorer (everything about transactions, wallets, accounts, rewards and assets in this blockchain)

аlgorand social network

algorand facebook | | twittergithub | linkedin

algorand investors

Here are the list of investors of algorand cryptocurrency, for more info use the link

algorand investors

algorand white paper

“Algorand is dedicated to fostering constant evolution to anticipate and fulfill future technology needs on our platform. Our researchers represent some of the best and brightest in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Recent research that has been peer reviewed and edited is found below.” – link to the official info

algorand roadmap

Long Term Algo Distribution Schedule and Allocation:

algo coin allocation

Algo Distribution

Who is Silvio Micali in algo?

Silvio Micali is a founder of algorand crypto.

Silvio Micali has been on the faculty at MIT, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, since 1983. Silvio’s research interests are cryptography, zero knowledge, pseudorandom generation, secure protocols, and mechanism design and blockchain. In particular, Silvio is the co-inventor of probabilistic encryption, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Verifiable Random Functions and many of the protocols that are the foundations of modern cryptography. In 2017, Silvio founded Algorand, a fully decentralized, secure, and scalable blockchain which provides a common platform for building products and services for a borderless economy. At Algorand, Silvio oversees all research, including theory, security and crypto finance. Silvio is the recipient of the Turing Award (in computer science), of the Gödel Prize (in theoretical computer science) and the RSA prize (in cryptography). He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and Accademia dei Lincei. Silvio has received his Laurea in Mathematics from the University of Rome, and his PhD in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley.

algorand protocol

Token algorand uses a pure proof-of-stake (PPoS) consensus protocol built on Byzantine agreement. This means the system can achieve consensus without a central authority and tolerate malicious users as long as a supermajority of the stake is in non-malicious hands. The users’ influence on the choice of a new block is proportional to their stake in the system (number of algos). Users are randomly and secretly selected to both propose blocks and vote on block proposals. All online users have the chance to be selected to propose and to vote. The likelihood that a user will be chosen is directly proportional to its stake (read the whole article)

algorand node types

The Algorand network is comprised of two distinct types of nodes, relay nodes, and non-relay nodes. Relay nodes are primarily used for communication routing to a set of connected non-relay nodes. Relay nodes communicate with other relay nodes and route blocks to all connected non-relay nodes. Non-relay nodes only connect to relay nodes and can also participate in consensus. Non-relay nodes may connect to several relay nodes but never connect to another non-relay node (read more)

coins that use algorand

Stablecoins such as USDT, USDC, realioUSD, QCAD, Monerium, Meld Gold, MESE USD Exchange Token, Marshall Islands CBDC (SOV), Transfero. For more info read the article.

algorand Boston address (location)

 399 Boylston St Ste 800 Boston, MA, 02116-3305 United States
 (617) 275-2710.

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