ADB launch app using package name

adb launch app ADB

If you want to launch android application through android debug bridge (ADB) you need to go to the shell, type the application package name and start its ActivityName. Below you can find the examples.

How to launch app using ADB?

1 Variant (send 2 commands in terminal):

adb shell
am start -n

2 Variant (send 1 direct command in terminal):

adb shell am start -n

3 Variant the shortest one (send 1 direct command)

adb shell am start -n

Instead of ‘’ you should put the path to the package of the application you want to launch.

If you do not know the path to the application package use the following command to find it among others application packages that are present on you android device:

adb shell pm list packages

If you have any helpful info how to launch app using package name in adb or other working examples, please put it in comments. Help others!

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